The Dream begins

A dream is coming to life this week.  Never having played the game, although a fan since I  my first baseball game in 1927 in the old Yankee Stadium when  I was 7, I always have wanted to live the life of a major leaguer — even if I could not be on the field.
On Monday, March 31,  this transplanted New Yorker, now a San Franciscan  resident of 25 years,  will join the throngs at Chase xField in Phoenix for the Giants 2014 opener.  It will be the coming to fruition of a plan  to attend every road game the Giants will play this year.  81 games for this healthy 93 year old nut.
The story:  For 86 years I have watched the Yankees,  the N.Y Mets, and for the last 25 years the Giants in San  Francisco.  I have scored every game I have watched in those years and have come to appreciate the stamina, the attitudes (good and bad) and the rough 6-8 months they live each year. And I knew I could never play on the field.
So a year ago,  having met, a wonderful, supportive and challenging young lady who is willing to share this dream of mine, Le Anne (56) and I were married in December and she will join me on this journey.  We trust it will go well, and we intend to keep other Giant fans up-to-date on its progress.
For now, it is only GO GIANTS !!


  1. Charlie G

    This is so great. I think you found a wonderful and memorable way spend the summer and enjoy America’s pastime. I went to many Sunday afternoon double-headers at the Polo Grounds with my dad so I, too, am a longtime Giants fan.
    I’m sure you’ll have wonderful experiences. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Naomi Davidman

    I am so happy for you Burt that you are able to have your life’s dream become a reality and at the young age of 93. I will follow your blog. Stay upright and strong. Mazel Tov. Na

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