Game 1 on the road almost here

Monday March 31 2014


And so the journey begins…..With Le Anne doing most of the driving, we did the 750 miles to Phoenix, with an overnight in Ontario, CA, arriving in Phoenix Sunday afternoon.

We expect Madison to start this wild season with a good win tonight at 6:40. Winning this series would be a great start, but baseball being baseball, we will settle for a road split.

Temperatures are expected to reach 82 degrees today, with a low of 57. They are expecting wind gusts of up to 20 mph, which should make for an interesting start to the season.  We will bring jackets and a blanket , and  bundle up if necessary.  In the mean while we will get errands done and maybe a dip in the pool.

We will walk to Chase field and hope to get pictures for the blog.

Until tomorrow,

Le Anne and Bert

This is our first look

We couldnt wait to see Chase field

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