Couldn’t help celebrating Giants win over Rockies

Sun April 13,2014
Normally Bert writes the blog, and I add a couple of thoughts at the end. Tonight after attending and having experienced everything from a smug feeling of knowing this game was a sure win, to doubt, and back to elation I thought I would get a few words in before Bert. Being elated I wanted to celebrate, and for me celebrating often involves food. I thought I would write a summary of food at the various stadiums.

Since we were at AT&T Park today I thought this was a good place to begin. Today we had the turkey sandwich from the Carvery. It was quality turkey, but a little dry. We have eaten the triple play which is 3 mini sandwiches; turkey, brisket, and I think pastrami. Bert and I found it a good size to share. Hard to resist are the ghiradelli sundaes. The portions are generous and 1 sundae is plenty for two. I have also had the chacha bowl which is a fan favor. At&t makes great garlic fries and Bert loves a hotdog with sauerkraut. I know we need to try crab, just haven’t gotten around to it.

Chase field home of the Diamondbacks, had something for most. They had the value dog for $1.50, value beer, value popcorn, and value soft drink. You can afford to take the family. We also ate at the Arizona baseball club and mad a reservation for a window table. You buy the cheapest tickets and reserve a table, and eat a buffet during the game. The buffet had a decent selection, and the chef is trying. He offers food typical of the visiting team, innovative dishes, and I even tried a mixed drink called the “Snakebite”.

Dodgers stadium was expensive and I only found one item I would eat again. It was called the blue burger and had peppers and blue cheese. We tried the garlic fries, but the garlic was raw and the fries soggy from the grease. We tried cheese burgers and threw away half. Icee’s were thirst quenching. They had an ice cream similar to It’s It’s. We have another trip soon so maybe we will get some good suggestions.

Frankly, we did not expect to continue our blog while home what with all the catching up needed due to the adventure. After all we won 5 of 7, both series, something was bound to happen to bring our guys back to earth.

But now , as we prepare to leave Thursday after the Dodgers series at home, we might be completely surprised and be leading the division. Our interest remains high after seeing the Opener and the most exciting game of the year today with the walk off McCovey Cove shot by Crawford.

Losing one series at home, winning the other, is not enough to do the long job this year — but barring injuries the pitching looks like it can do the job. And how long has it been since the Giants have been scoring more than a couple of runs a game?

Of course, today’s game was too much like previous years,–getting an early lead, losing it — only to have a late inning spark to walk off a winner. But what an exciting finish…Blanco’s 2 out inside the park homer (almost) in the Ninth, followed by Crawford’s next first pitch in the Tenth, had the 49,000 still in the house (this was attendance not just sell out) screaming …..

So, we can catch our breath Monday, and look for at least 2 out of 3 with the Dodgers before on to San Diego and Colorado for the next blogs.


LeAnne and Bert

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