Road game 10 recap Padres Petco- We tried to lose

The padres donned Camo uniforms and honored military. The emphasis was on Marines. Semper Fi

The padres donned Camo uniforms and honored military. The emphasis was on Marines. Semper Fi

We had heard pot rules in Colorado but not expected pot rules to be posted at the best western

We had heard pot rules in Colorado but not expected pot rules to be posted at the best western

And a real dilemma—What should we do? When, as usual, we are leading 4-3, and as usual, after 4 runs in the first two innings, no one gets on base as the opposition catches up. Coming into the 9th on the road, Romo will be pitching the bottom half. We have a plane to catch, to get to Denver, and the Rockies for Mondays game.
We were hoping( forgive us, Bert was hoping) for a fast 3 out Giants 9th. Then Romo would do his job. Bert got his wish, Romo came in, and we started to leave to avoid the Easter Sunday crowd and traffic. We watched Romo as we left. Never one to disappoint, Romo walked his 1st Padre, who then stole 2nd. Romo always provides nitrate-taking before he does his job and, true to form, retired the side. An exciting end, and we made our plane, with an hour to spare.
Now, in Denver, and we must take this series, before we get home Wednesday, so we can arrive in 1st place.

And now for the womans take on the game. It is Easter Sunday, and it is the first series we have not won, and I am frustrated by the lack of hitting. I am inpatient for Giants wins, and unlike Bert, I take each loss to heart. We arrived at the stadium with time for me to explore a bit before the game. I went by all the food concessions and opted for Anthony’s shrimp and chips. It was an ample portion, and came with a good tasting cocktail sauce, albeit a bit runny. I don’t know why I always make this type of choice when wearing light-colored pants, but it just seems to happen. Bert had a Friar Frank and he said it was not as hefty as his normal dog at AT&T.
The Padres honored the military, especially the marines. There was a section in the upper deck of Marines, looking dapper in dress uniforms. The Padres wore camo uniforms, and honored specific members of the corp, prior to game time. A Marine threw out the 1st pitch, and naturally it was a perfect toss over the plate.
We were in section 214, row 2, and seat 9 and 10. After the other great seats, these seats seemed average. we were once again surrounded by more Giants fans than Padres. To bring Easter into the game, they played a game with a fan called Easter egg roulette. You probably guessed it entailed knocking Easter eggs on your head, and some were hard-boiled and others were not. This guy had a full beard, and it was entertaining to watch him with egg on his face.
The game time temp was 71, and it seemed a bit cool with partly cloudy skies and seats that were shaded. We got to watch the first several innings with nobody in front of us. A couple arrived and she weighed 90 pounds, and here boyfriend was also small. She had a purse which was as big as she was, and we had to peek around it to catch the game. Attendance was 25,035 diehard fans. The game began with my first text ” Posey hit a Homer” followed by “4-0 Giants looking good”. Timmy then gives up 3 runs, but one was overturned. Buster made a great play and tagged the runner at the plate. At the 100 pitch count I texted ” Timmy has too many pitches but Botchy is leaving him in 😦 The next pitch the Padres get a home run. I am frustrated! I don’t know how many times I have watched Botchy leave Timmy in after 100 pitches, and things go South. It is soon the 9th inning and we are ahead by 1 run, and Bert asks if we should leave. My thoughts, are how can we leave? We watch as Romo walks the 1st man he sees. My thoughts are can I bear to watch this so I give in to Bert’s request, to leave to beat the crowd. We catch a TV screen and the runner has stolen 2nd. I want to walk quickly, but Bert is Bert, and wants to keep a nice easy pace. We walk past another TV screen and I am like a moth drawn to a flame. I have to watch. Romo retires the side and we hang on.
We make every light on our way to the airport and the crowd was not bad. We arrive at our gate with an hour to kill. We are not yet hungry, so just wait and talk. We get to board early, so I got space for my suitcase in the overhead bin. The flight attendant won’t allow Bert to put his jacket up, but promises to return and put it up once everyone has luggage stowed. This is Frontier, so it didn’t happen and Bert sits with his jacket for the 2 hour flight. By the time the meal cart comes by we are both hungry. It is $1.99 for a coke and $6.99 for a snack. Bert gets us drinks and snacks. Naturally the snack boxes are sealed so that even a baggage handler throwing them can not damage them. Bert can’t get a single item open. I have to resort to teeth to open his humus packet. He squeeze the packet to get the humus out and sends it all over my tray, drink, and snack box. I am laughing at this point. I then open my red pepper spread and it is a runny red sauce. If my light jeans had not gotten enough with the cocktail sauce, and the humus, they were now complete. We arrived at the hotel a bit after 11:30 pm. There was a posted sign about marijuana smoking. I am glad a grew up in the days when a Rocky Mountain high was something John Denver sang about and not a high-tech pot party. This morning I heard several people in the dining room discussing a new device that delivers straight THC, and vaping pot. I prefer things simple baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and mom.

Bert and Le Anne

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