Atlanta- Pregame road game 14

Thurs May 2
Good morning from Atlanta! Who is crazy enough to travel 2,480 miles to see a ball game? We are? Thursday was travel day for the Giants and for us. Delta Air was most cooperative. After Wednesday nights wonderful win at AT&T for ex-Atlantan Tim Hudson, we got a call from Delta airlines advising us our 745 am flight (meaning rising at 5:30 am) we got 5 extra hours of sleep. We arrived at the Sheraton at about 9 pm after an uneventful 4 + hour flight.
At the Sheraton we were well received by a bellman who is a diehard baseball fan, who when learning of our project, took us in hand, for extra special handling. Corey made us feel like celebrities, and helped arrange transport to and from Turner park, etc, etc.
We look forward to a pleasant 3 day Atlanta stay, winning the series before moving on to Pittsburgh and PNC Park. This will be a challenge with Lincecum on the mound and the Braves on top of their division. We will be up against a top caliber pitching staff.
We are planning on heading to the field at 530 so we can get a good look at the field and try out some Georgia grub.

One comment

  1. blaine steward

    It was a pleasure meeting you last night down at the East Gate and hearing of your adventure your on your an amazing person i wish you nothing but the best and safety in your travels,
    Blaine Steward (guy from the east gate)

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