Game 20 Dodgers, The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Friday May 9 2014
Typical Giants-Dodgers game. Although there is an occasional hitting breakout, most games are low scoring, and won by 1 or 2 runs. This one kept us on edge most of the way, until some relief, as usual in the late innings. Giants are still disappointing with men on base. There was a LOB in each of the 1st six innings, with men in scoring position in 3 of them, with zero or one out. Fortunately, Vogey, (no decision again) was at his best, with a solid 100 plus day on the mound.
The Dodgers stadium still leaves much to be desired, nothing to see, bad food, etc. One would think that with new management spending at the top-level, they would give some consideration, to the comfort and extras for their fans. Oh yes, the give away was an inflatable chair from Coke.
And now for the ladies take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.
The good- the 1st pitch was thrown out by a UCLA grad who won the Boston marathon and he was 39. He made a grand entrance from the outfield and threw a decent pitch. Brandon Belt did two good things fan related. I witnessed Brandon don a giraffe headband complete with the giraffe ears for a die-hard Belt fan, and take multiple pictures with her and her family. I also saw him take the time to autograph a ball a young Dodgers fan, and take time to speak to him. IMHO this is what baseball should be. Michael from fan services did bring us a gift bag to welcome 81for93 to the stadium. The next nice thing I would like to mention is 3 staff people actually welcomed us to Dodger stadium. My third comment was on the nice security officer who went out of his way to help me find a place that sold hot chocolate. And last but not least a Giants win, and good game by Vogey. photo 1 (10)

Dodgers fan services provided us with a goodie bag

Dodgers fan services provided us with a goodie bag

The bad- Dodger food. It appears that the Dodgers have gone to the dogs literally. You had choices of the Dodger dog, the Farmer John dog, the Kosher dog, the Super Dodger dog, the Veggie dog, and the Xtreme bacon dog. It is disappointing in a city like LA this is the best they can come up with. Another fan summed it up you can choose lots of choices of hot dogs, a few types of burgers, or Nachos. I can now see when I asked fan services for tips on what is good to eat at the park, they didn’t have a suggestion other than check out the guide to the ballpark.
The Ugly- It was inflatable chair give away, and despite being asked not to open the chair at the stadium, multiple fans inflated the chairs and tossed them around the stadium. Dodgers purchasing thinks marketing shirts that say Giants Suck is a good reflection on the Dodgers. I also was not happy to see black market Dodgers apparel being sold in the parking lots and on the streets just outside the stadium. And then the Dodgers code of conduct includes a request not to barf in the neighborhoods around the stadium. Then the last item I would like to lay on the table is the ushers are not the well trained knowlegable staff we have seen at other ball parks. The young kid who directed us to our seats had us go to the wrong side of our section so we had to walk past others rather than 2 fans if we had been directed the correct way. The ushers seem to do nothing to keep unauthorized people out of a section, and they don’t seem to do anything to keep things under control. I feel as if they should call security when fans inflate seats and toss them, or fans are out of control. Last night in our section there was a drunk Dodger fan who was using the F-word and threatening to beat someone up. Yes you can text security, but then what happens? security appears at the seat of the reporter, which can put you in a very uncomfortable situation, especially if you are a Giants fan reporting on a Dodger fan, and surrounded by Dodger fans.
Until tomorrow, and hopefully another win,
Bert and Le Anne


  1. Mary Coburn

    You two are truly amazing and I enjoy the critique of the park, food, and people. You add a lot of color to the low scoring games. When we went to the Dodger stadium for a game for Spring Training our seats were right in the middle of Dodger Country. Needless to say they were not to happy especially when they lost. Harry said you can put lipstick on a pig but, its still a pig. Keep up the good work and know we read each days account. You are almost on your way home.

    • 81for93

      Mary and Harry:
      Thanks for sharing our adventure. If you ever get a chance to go to Atlanta or PNC I would recommend it. The fans there were so welcoming I would go back just to be among fellow aficionados, who have a first class love of the game.

  2. Danny Rivers

    good news – i saw you both on tv friday night with Kruk saying your names
    bad news- as soon as he said your names, Belt gets plucked on the hand
    hopefully we can get out of there with a series win!!
    Danny from Pittsburg

    • 81for93

      I will look for the update on Belts hand before we head to the park. It sure looked nasty last night. I heard fans say that if Belt were an NBA player he would be out for the season, but baseball players are tough.

  3. eronat3

    Sorry to hear that the park and the fans are so ugly in LA. Giants Suck?? That’s pretty low coming from management. Anyway, hope you find better vibes at the final two games. At least you’re getting to see some exciting baseball, with happy endings most of the time. I’m sure you’ll be glad to be home after this long trip. See you soon.

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