Game 21 and another win against those Dodgers

Bert tells the whole world about the great Giants win over our nemesis Dodgers

Bert tells the whole world about the great Giants win over our nemesis Dodgers

Sat May 10, 2014
What a good, clean game, and win- if only by 1 or 2 run margin which is traditional against the Dodgers. Another one against them that means we can’t lose the series. The Las Vegas choice for the NL west is floundering. Early season, or not, if our starters can go 100 plus pitches and 8 innings, nobody will be able to top them. It feels good to be yelling “GO GIANTS” in enemy territory with meaning and results.
When Belt got hit on the 1st pitch on inning 2, the palm of his hand, when shown on the scoreboard was notably swollen. There was no surprise, when he didn’t come out to play 1st base in the 2nd inning, although he managed to finish running on base after the hit. Mad Bums 112 pitches, 7K’s, and only 4 hits showed why he is number 1. So we will probably take the series, a split at worst, and we are sorry, we left the broom home.
Oh yes! We guess we should remember to mention that just before Belt being hit, we are told we were picked up on TV. We have not seen it yet, but to be honest, we are not surprised. Before the game, as we were entering the stadium, Bert met Jim L the camera director, and he told us we would probably be picked up during the game. He asked where we were sitting, so we thought it was likely they might pick us up.
I know Jim L from Giants broadcast crew would have had this photo framed right and lighting correct, but I am just an amateur

I know Jim L from Giants broadcast crew would have had this photo framed right and lighting correct, but I am just an amateur

A Dodgers stadium comment- I have never attended a game where the men’s room had no toilet paper or paper towels. Another management item which ignores fan comfort.
And now for the Ladies take on the game. Prior to the game Bert and I decided to figure out how many stadiums we would see on this 81for 93 trip. We will see 18 stadia this season, so that only leaves 12 we won’t get to this year. I have been to Safeco, Minutemaid, and Fenway so that leaves only 8 parks to see- Baltimore, Texas, Yankees, Cleveland, Anaheim, Toronto, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay. I am hoping next season to hit those parks. Bert has been to the old Yankees stadium, but not to the new one.
I am in agreement with Bert that LA is more about flash than substance. They have the big payroll, they have the big stars, and yet they are lacking the appreciation for the fan. They had Tinashe sing the National anthem and Kid Ink throw out the 1st pitch. When asked if she was a Dodgers fan Tinashe didn’t answer yes. Even the 1st pitch is scripted and there isn’t just one 1st pitch, but a celeb, a sponsor, and a charity each throw out the 1st pitch. The Giants on the other hand provide a great park, great food, and even the commercials they do are all about the fans. I am grateful, and am interested in others comments on this.
I had to go to the lady’s room during the game. The 1st ladies room had about 50 woman waiting outside the hall, so I was forced to go to the other one or miss the game. It was at the far side of the stadium, and still there were 20 ladies in the hall waiting to get in. Even both mens rooms had huge lines.
My food report is limited. We tried the choco-pie last night which is chocolate covered grahams with marshmallow filling. I hope to find something better to eat at the stadium today. Bert bought me a big bottle of water, and I have figured out his strategy. Every time I leave for the ladies room the Giants hit a homer.
My game experience was also not what I would like when visiting a ballpark. The fans behind us used every 4 letter word in the book, disparaged the Giants, and discussed female anatomy the entire game. In my opinion this isn’t the discussion I would want if I were bringing my family to the game. Bert had to ask fans to sit down, because they were blocking the view. I haven’t observed this type of bad boy behavior at any of the other stadiums.
Yesterday during the day we visited my cousin Leah and her husband Paul Culberg in Malibu. I wanted Leah’s input on the family tree. I learned my great grandmother took the kids to the Cubs games once a week, so I guess it is no surprise that I am a baseball fan.

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