22nd Road game I think- Loss to Los Angeles Dodgers

Bunny, the lady with the Dodgers pin cap, and two Dodgers ushers share the love of the game with Bert.

Bunny, the lady with the Dodgers pin cap, and two Dodgers ushers share the love of the game with Bert.

We really blew this one! As usual Cain did well. We didn’t expect him back so soon, and for 5 innings he was great- no runs, 2 hits, 4K’s, but 77 pitches proved to be too much for this warrior. A walk, a single, and walk number two, to open the 6th were his undoing. After 92 pitches Bochy brought in Afeldt to face the lefty Gonzalez, the loaded bases DP helped,but the Dodgers scored their 1st run. We expected Bockys usual move, to then bring in Machi for the right-handed Kemp, but he stayed with Afeldt and Kemp tied it up.
It got worse with a couple of non-error misplays, when Morse didnt catch a fly ball, and Sanchez blew a foul pop off his glove, which permitted 2 more runs in the 7th. The real problem was leaving the bases loaded, and missed opportunity. You can’t strand 12 without negative results. It seems all the air was blown out of the tires after the 6th.
We are still in 1st place, and can’t fall behind the Dodgers for a while. We are not worrying about the others in the division at least for now. Back home after Sunday, but 3 in Denver coming up quickly.
Finally found something beside a hot dog!

Finally found something beside a hot dog!

Bert and hiis chicken flatbread

Bert and hiis chicken flatbread

Well, after multiple attempts to find something edible at Dodgers stadium I finally succeeded. The sushi tasted fresh, the rice held together well, and the ginger was good. The market place was tucked away into an area that was easily passed, but we happened to notice it between the elevators and the escalators. We also had a fruit cup which had pineapple, watermelon, papaya, honeydew, and cantaloupe. It was about the same as fruit cups you get at the Safeway. Bert opted for the chicken flatbread, and complained it was a mess to try to eat. The chicken kept falling out and he was draped in napkins to keep from getting the sauce all over.
And the Dodger fan report was mixed today. Bunny( lady with Dodger pin hat) and the ushers were 1st class, interested fans, who appreciate good baseball. They love their Dodgers but appreciate a great play even if their guys in blue aren’t the one’s who make it. They are fun to talk to, and swap stories with. The guy in front of us was a good fan, and even asked someone to sit down so my view wasn’t obstructed during a critical Giants play. The guys behind us were extremely load, but for the most part it was just enthusiastic support for the team.
Bad boys in blue

Bad boys in blue

Then there are guys like these bad boys in blue. They drink too much. They use bad language. They provide a bad example for the kids around them. These two big mouths screamed derogatory comments about the Giants for most of the game. I called them out on their bad boy behavior after they said What stinks? It is the Giants fans that are stinking up the joint. The guy who was hawking I think frozen lemonade turned with them and laughed and pointed at Bert and I. I just said “at least Giants fans have class.” It silenced them until the next beer took effect. Dodgers fans, you need to decide, do you let morons like this reflect the Dodger image or do you teach these ignoramuses what it means to Live, Breathe Blue. Just a lady and moms take on what should be done. Happy mothers day to all you moms, and may you all teach your kids what it means to be a real fan.

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