Happy Mothers Day for Giants fans Road game 23

The wonderful family of Dodger fans sat in front of us for the final game

The wonderful family of Dodger fans sat in front of us for the final game

Monday May 12 2014
On my way home( I think that means SF) after one of the most exciting games so far. Trip number 3 means taking the series from LA and a 4.5 game lead over them in the standings. That put us at 14-9 in the 23 road games we have seen.
The series closer was another nail bitter- a 1 run lead, behind by 1, retook the lead by 1, and then by 2, only to have the Dodgers tie the game by 2 in the 9th. A 3 run rally in the 10th gave us the win 7-4. Romo gave up the typing homer, which put Hudson’s great game out of the stats.
51,000 plus went crazy in the 9th, but a few of us Giants fans, stuck it out, and went crazy, after 3 base hits opened the 10th. Wild pitches on both sides, were factors in this wild one, which lasted over 4 hours, for 10 innings.
We will have a week to catch up on our other life, before returning to Denver, on May 20th, to reverse the beginning of last years slide.9 More from Coors field. Bert and David will be at the game here (AT&T) Tues.
And now for the ladys view- Yesterday seeing a game at Dodgers stadium was so different. Having moms there meant we witnessed no fights, no drunks, and no hating. We had a friendly Dodgers family in front of us, and family to the left and the right of us. Behind us were some good fans, who were respectful of us and the families around us. I think my theory is right. Dodger women can change the bad boy reputation, and restore that Blue Pride.
Pink bats and accessories were used in this mothers day game to support breast cancer awareness.

Pink bats and accessories were used in this mothers day game to support breast cancer awareness.

The day began with Dodger clutches for all the moms. I am giving mine to Stef so she can take it to France to share with the girls in her class. I then decided that given the scratchy throats Bert and I could use an Icee. I went to fan relations and got our 1st timer certificate( although it was our 2nd series, I want to keep track of all the parks) I asked where to get an Icee and was sent to the stand next to the yogurt stand. They sent me to the other end of the stadium, and I found the stand after 2 tries. Naturally the Icee machine had been broken for 2 days, so we settled for a frozen lemonade. It felt good on the throat, but was a little to sweet for my taste. We also got a big water which was good since it was warm in the stands. We have both developed a baseball tan, brown arms and face, and white everywhere else.
The game began and was such a rollercoaster I never got a chance to get us any lunch. I was sure we had it won in the 9th. Romo was coming in and he has been superman. I had no problem with putting Puig on base because I was convinced Romo was able to strike out anyone he wanted, but Dodger luck held for those moms doing all they could to cheer on the blue, and a two run homer made me wonder if this was going to be another 13 inning game like we had in Denver. Thoughts of will we miss the plane if we stay till this is over, raced through my head. But the boys, who on paper, were over matched, managed to pull out another great victory!
This team reminds me of my San Antonio Spurs. You have a great coach, and he expects all his players to play for the good of the team. Leave the ego at the door, and even when people say you are to old, to thin at a position, you manage to win because you play as a team. I was glad to see Pablo get a few hits. I have seen his team mates root for him, despite his sub par play. I think the Giants may be able to win the big one again, if they continue to play as a team. I hope Hunter Pence can inspire all to work hard, play hard, and never give up. It is the reason I chose him as my favorite player. He gives it his all, and nobody can say he didn’t give it his best.
I have two wishes besides seeing all 30 stadiums. I hope to get a Pence signed ball for me, and a Posey signed ball for Bert. I hope I get to be at a World Series win. Bert has been there for the recent Giants wins, but I have never been further than a playoff game.


  1. Heather Schmitt

    Hi Le Anne and Bert! It was great meeting you at this game! I have a photo of all of us I will be emailing to you shortly. 🙂 Happy travels! ~ Heather

    • 81for93

      Great to hear from you. Giants sadly lost tonight, but we are hopeful for a win tomorrow. We look forward to the pic!
      Le Anne and Bert

      • Heather Schmitt

        I emailed the picture yesterday to the address on your business card. Hope you got it. 🙂

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