Game 26 Craziest game yet

Rocky Mountain Oysters. This photo was courtesy Aspen Matthews from MLB

Rocky Mountain Oysters. This photo was courtesy Aspen Matthews from MLB

Well since it was such a crazy series I am turning things around and putting ladies first. From the ladies view- It was another whirlwind day…literally and figuratively. We got out to the ball game early and I managed to get Jeremy Afeldts autograph. He was polite and quick on his feet when it came to dealing with fans. I was so excited I didn’t wait around for Romo’s autograph. It was then time to try the Rocky Mountain oysters. Bert opted for a hamburger, but was a good sport and tried one. I think everybody should try them once, but I will probably not be trying them again. They are cooked up fresh in a cornbread batter and served with cocktail sauce. Aspen, the MLB photographer was also a good sport and had her 1st. I think she will probably not be rushing up for a full order. Our friend Henry showed up for the oyster tasting and managed to get half of one down. Aspen and I will be having the Helton burgers on our next visit. After the oysters I met Henry’s wife and a bunch of others with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Bert and I wondered how they got the group out when the weather deteriorated.The game was notable for the crazy weather which included hail, rain, lightning, and a tornado watch. We got to evacuate our seats and the game was resumed after a torrential downpour. We were tied at 2-2 when the game was suspended. Finding a cab in Denver when it’s raining cats or dogs is challenging. We were plastered up against a building adjacent to the official taxi drop off at 21st and Market. I tried yellow cab, but got a recording for 10 minutes so gave up and called Metro. The dispatcher wanted lots of info before he would dispatch a cab, and I just wanted a cab quickly so we could get out of drenching rain, lightening, and wind. Finally a cab arrived and we got to drive thru a hail storm back to the hotel. We got out into ankle-deep water. Once we were dry and inside the DoubleTree things were looking up. Our flight was listed as on time, and we had plenty of time for a sit down meal at the airport. We took the Doubletree’s shuttle and were even given an umbrella. We met a pilot on the shuttle and he told us not to believe that on time flight status. We had dinner and sure enough the flight was delayed. I am typing this as we are told the turbulence should only last 10 minutes or so. I am no longer the white knuckled traveler I once was, but like hail storms and tornadoes I prefer avoiding it. Well after all the Giants went thru I hope when the game is finished that they are still on top, healthy, and have a few more days off. As Jeremy Afeldt said to me today” Even I wouldn’t choose 81 road games if I didn’t have to”. It is fun, but I could use a few more off days. We will be in St. Louis and Cincinnati before we know it.
Untarping the field was a more complicated procedure than one would expect

Untarping the field was a more complicated procedure than one would expect

So, trip number 4 in our 81for93 adventure proved different! Bad weather experiences? I’ve had mine in Denver with snow delays, but never a tornado. Le Anne takes these tornado alerts with no concern, having had loads of them in Texas, but to have two tornadoes on successive days and during a baseball game, is something really new for both of us. Being crowded into several floors of stairwells is one thing, and the Hilton DoubleTree did a fabulous job keeping everything happily in control on Wednesday, but to have the ball club advise 40,000 fans in the stands( most of them unsheltered, and hundreds of children) to find cover to avoid lightening and tornado warnings is something else. The game was halted twice in thundering rain, and trying to return to our hotel in the downpour was not only exhausting,but also very nerve-racking. As for baseball, it became somewhat secondary. Le Anne and I are scoring these games, so we now have open pages to be completed on our next Denver trip in Sept. The suspension gives us 3 plus innings to record when we return.
For now, it is the Twins and the Cubs at home before we leave next Wednesday for St.Louis and Cincinnati still in 1st place.
Until Then,then….
Bert and Le Anne

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