Game 27- St.Louis blues and highs- 1/3 of the adventure finished

The Graaf family welcomed us to Busch stadium

The Graaf family welcomed us to Busch stadium

Friday May 30 2014
Who needs tornadoes for excitement? Game 27 matches any other for nail biting, heart pounding, gloom, and Joy! We saw 6 changes of lead in the game. Cards started it in the 1st, Giants grabbed the lead in the 2nd, only to go behind in the 4th, tie it in the 6th, loose it, then regain it in the 8th. Of course Romo had to do his thing, by striking out the 1st batter in the 9th, giving up a run, before a pop-up ended it all with a Giant 6-5 win.
We needed that 1st game win because we face the best pitcher in the league tonight, who may give Bumgardner the toughest of jobs. Our nails don’t have much more room for relieving the tension. But we will see…..
Beautiful view of the arch in St Louis

Beautiful view of the arch in St Louis

Cardinals Nation filled the stadium with a sea of red

Cardinals Nation filled the stadium with a sea of red

And the ladies view- We began our venture with a train trip one stop from the Sheraton on the MetroLink to the stadium. Doors at the Stan the Man gate didn’t open for about 15 minutes. We met the Graaf family and talked Giants. They knew their way around, so took us under their wing and got Bert in early so he wouldn’t have to stand. We went up to the red bird club and had dinner since we had a light snack for lunch. We tried out the Bratzel, a bratwurst encased in a pretzel. I liked it although dipping into the mustard was a bit messy.

Bert vs Brat

Bert vs Brat

. I have 2 complaints and lots of complements for Busch stadium personnel. Who ever designed the cup holders at the seats needed to talk with the person who ordered the $9 soda cups. The cups are dispensed with no lid and don’t fit in the cup holders at the seats. This is a disaster just waiting to happen. My other complaint is that I contacted the front office and was told someone would contact me regarding the food, and nobody did. Luckily Mike P, and this usher from Callistoga both gave me some ideas. I scoped out some great looking cupcakes which I may try for dessert, and Ben and Jerry ice cream. Yum Cherry Garcia.
If you are from Callistoga, this St.Louis Cardinals usher may have delivered your mail

If you are from Calistoga, this St.Louis Cardinals usher may have delivered your mail

I wandered the stadium from club level to the bottom and got a good lay of the land. Every where I went I was surrounded by fans in Cardinal red. What was a bit surprising is every single one of them treated us as an honored guest. The guys next to me offered us to buy beer and share peanuts. They shared the 81for93 blog on Facebook, and also looked for a corporate sponsor for us. They are diehard Cards fans but appreciated what an undertaking the adventure is. I expect the 2 buddies to be doing a Cards road trip when they retire. I hope they enjoy AT&T as much as we enjoyed Busch. We discussed players with both the Cards guys next to us and the couple in front of us, and tried to anticipate what our team would do. The Parkers were fellow Giants fans from CA and they are veteran Giants road warriors who also enjoy our great broadcasters Kruk and Kuip who they met at spring training. They sat next to Bert.

As Bert said the game was a nail bitter, and it made for an interesting discussion with the knowledgeable Cards fans. This is a family friendly venue, as well as a town which has a great baseball heritage. They are proud to tell that the team began as the Brown Stockings, or that they hold the 2nd most world series wins-second only to the Yankees, or brag about Stan the Man. Tonight will be another battle against two great pitchers. I hope Mad Bum can slay the Cards ace Wainwright. The Giants have me believing.

The Club level was a great place to hang out before the game. It was roomy, they had lots of food choices, and the rest rooms were clean. We ate the brats at stools overlooking the field and the air conditioning made this a comfortable place to view the pre game festivities.

Even Hand dryers in the ladies rooms reflect the Cards identity

Even Hand dryers in the ladies rooms reflect the Cards identity


  1. Brent and Morgan Graaf

    It was wonderful meeting you guys. So glad to hear your story and hope to hear many more. Will be checking back on the blog daily. Thanks for doing this. 😊

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