Best Record in baseball- Game 30

Bert and a couple of radiant Cardinals fans. Dad and daughter sharing a love of the game

Bert and a couple of radiant Cardinals fans. Dad and daughter sharing a love of the game

Monday June 2 2014

Whatta lupa d’lupe! If the Giants keep this up I am liable to run out of quote cuties so start each days blog. This is getting to be ridiculous. No objection to taking 3/4 from the formerly high-flying Birds, but come on- we win the 1st one 6-5, interesting,tight game. Then we repeat with a 9-4 runaway. When have our guys scored 15 runs in two successive game? So with Petit replacing the hurt Cain the loss of game 3 was almost expected. But for Petit to hold them to just 2 hits in 6 innings was a pleasant surprise. All this despite the rain, humidity, and complete discomfort, which didn’t help, and then to come back from a shutout with one of our own, plus 8 more runs….Come on!

Everyone back home will now be expecting this to continue. The best record in baseball and an 8 game lead over the millionaire dodgers. We are headed to Cincinnati and the best of 3 there, so that when we return to AT&T we can claim credit for all of this. And we will-the team has not done this before(we think) and nobody has made claim to follow them 81 away before. So we will claim full credit, and we do!

And now for Le Anne’s view. The view was pretty good from our seats in section 240 row 2 9,10. I was a bit bummed going into the game that Tony Valleroy Asst stadium operations never got me the info on the food in the stadium or info on 1st timer certificates, but we met two great guys, neither who were shy who introduced us to the entire section.

Minister Vernon Betes and his sidekick. They should both be comedians

Minister Vernon and his sidekick. They should both be comedians

By the time these two Cardinals fans had talked baseball for 5 minutes, this chaplain from NAACP had spread the good news of our trip to all 81 road games, and to the fact that we were newlyweds to at least our entire section, if not the surrounding sections. We got a round of applause after his rousing speech. It made for easy conversation with all the Cards fans around us. My assessment is that the Cardinals greatest asset is their fans. We then had a father and daughter who were Cards regulars fill us in on info about the area. They told us to try Rigazzi’s for toasted ravioli, but unfortunately that will have to wait until the next trip since they are closed Sundays. They also suggested a place for ice cream called Ted Drews which has mix in with frozen custard. The other tip they shared was to sign up as a designated driver.

Designated drivers get a free O'Douls or small soda.

Designated drivers get a free O’Douls or small soda.

I think this really helped to keep someone in each party sober and responsible. We didn’t see one fan removed from the stadium for irresponsible, intoxicated behavior. Kudos for that to O’Douls!

Pretty good view from Sec 240 and sun not to bad until 8th inning

Pretty good view from Sec 240 and sun not to bad until 8th inning

In summary the Giants are playing as a team, and winning despite all the injuries. Hudson had another fantastic game, and this acquisition has kept the dream alive. I hope we are bringing them luck. We will be rooting for them for the rest of the season, and along with Bert’s dream to see what life on the road is like, maybe my dream of watching my team win a world series will come true. And I have a lingering question about what does Pablo do in his pre-bat routine? If you know please let us know.


  1. eronat3

    Glad to hear the good times continue, for you as well as for the Giants. As Pablo, I’ve watched carefully and the figure he draws in the dirt is a star of David, rather than the cross he used to draw. Why he has chosen that symbol is a mystery to me. Hope someone can provide more information. Have a good trip to Cincinnati.

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