Wicked weather and Reds pitching result in Giants loss 8-3 game 31

At Reds hall of fame

At Reds hall of fame

Tornadoes,tornadoes,tornadoes! Only two weeks apart, the last in Denver, and now in Cincinnati. The rain almost stayed away, but the Reds tornado hit Timmy yesterday 3 innings apart for 3 runs in each of them.

As this is written the rainy kind is hitting the area and it is doubtful if this game will be played, or even tomorrows day game. The lightning and thunder are doing their thing, and all we can do is wait, and write the blog.

Checking the score book it is astonishing to recall the Reds 4 runs on 3 hits in the 1st inning; a homer for 3 of them, then not another hit until the 5th when 4 consecutive batters reached 1st and later score. Huff came in, allowed another hit by the 1st Red he faced, then he and Kontos completed the game, with not another hit. An unusual game 4 runs in each of 2 innings, all 7 Red hits in the same innings and not another one by them all game long.

When we hear tornado season is here we believe it, but we are willing to settle for the type that brings rain and hail. Maybe more baseball here.

And the ladies view- Just getting to Cincinnati was an adventure. It began with Bert noticing that there we delays in Chicago. We only had an hour layover in Chicago nd were concerned about making the connection. We saw an earlier flight and were able to catch it, and it left about the same time our original flight was scheduled to leave. Bert opted for a wheel chair because we were concerned about making the connection. They took us to one gate in Chicago but about boarding time gates were moved to another terminal. We scrambled only to find that the flight was delayed due to mechanical difficulty. We boarded and were delayed just as we were about to take off because a passenger from Libya wanted to go Indianapolis. She was insistent and spoke little English, so the pilot turned the plane around and we went back to the terminal. They couldn’t get the gateway to work so we had to wait while 3 people worked until they could offload the passenger. We were further delayed waiting for a standby passenger to get aboard. We finally made it in on a 40 minute flight about 2 hours late. By the time we got to the hotel it was 1:40 am.
We got to the Great America ballpark 2 hours before game time only to learn that they would only let season ticket holders in then. We had to wait 30 minutes in the rain, and heat to get in. We met a fellow Giant fan from LA, Sheila, and hope to see her when we play the series in LA.

Sheila from LA, a tough place to be a Giants fan

Shiela from LA, a tough place to be a Giants fan

After finding our seats I went exploring and Bert talked to our seat neighbors who were also Giants fans.
Fellow diehard Giants fans swapped stories with Bert

Fellow diehard Giants fans swapped stories with Bert

Inside Great American Park

Inside Great American Park

Lots of choices of beer inside the stadium

Lots of choices of beer inside the stadium

I returned with ice cream in a helmet complete with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and whipped cream. The ice cream was locally made. I also got a bottle of water since it was hot. We were in section 116 DD seat 10,11 and view was good. Matt Cain was warming up, but at least yesterday he didn’t warm up to fans and only signed one autograph. After BP Hunter Pence came by to sign autographs and he signed a bunch including my score book

Hunter Pence autographed my score book

Hunter Pence autographed my score book

Pluses on the stadium are it is spacious and open, food choices include local farm items, Waffles and chicken, and chili. Stop by guest relations for the 1st timer certificate. It was the nicest quality of any of stadiums we have visited so far. I got a response from media and got a link with current player info, but no info on food or stadium. No wifi at the stadium, lots of seats with no shade in a city with lots of hot days, and scoreboards that are hard to see from visitor side field boxes make this stadium just average.

Also anyone chosing a hotel I would recommend against the Millenium. It was 2 star hotel at 4 star price.


    • 81for93

      Is the connect zone a place in the stadium? I will let people know about it if it is. I like wifi in seats because I like to tweet,text, and Facebook while in seats to let fans know what is happening.

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