Ready to stop the slump- Game 34

June 18th,200
Ladies 1st

Bert was surrounded by White Sox fans who had a great night last night

Bert was surrounded by White Sox fans who had a great night last night

Yesterday was a whirlwind. We got up at 430 am, caught our flight to Chicago and made it to the hotel. We stayed at MileNorth which has a nice homey feel to it. We grabbed an hour nap and then headed off to the ball game. We took the red line to the ball park, and had a bit of a walk to the stadium. I managed to get our 1st stamp in the passport book, then we got our 1st timer certificate at guest relations. One of the woman there offered to show us the world series trophy. I will try to take her up on it today. I went for the Cuban sandwich, but left my cash at the seat, only to discover that they only take cash and no credit cards. This was a new experience. My take on US Cellular Park is that it ranks average when compared to PNC and AT&T. On a positive note it has good wi-fi, and scoreboard provided the info we needed, but it was behind the top stadiums as far as giving the complete info such as speed of pitches. The food seems better than average, but bring cash. Bert and I ended up eating a waffle cone and Vienna dogs. The hot dogs were saltier than I like but warm and big enough to fill us up. We had a large rootbeer and it was warm before we finished it.
The scoreboard. Fireworks go off next to the board when they get a home run or victory.

The scoreboard. Fireworks go off next to the board when they get a homerun or victory.

I will leave discussion of the game to Bert as I was hopeful we could win. The positive note of the day was the autograph from #Brandon Crawford. He was a patient guy and I wanted him to have a great game.
After the game we took the redline train back toward the hotel. The guardian angels were there to protect us. My mom is from Chicago and would have loved them making us feel safe.
Guardian Angels as we exited the red line.

Guardian Angels as we exited the red line.

And today we expect the victory….

Bert’s view- As Le Anne reported it was a bad day from the start.Things started to look better when our guys took the 2 run lead in the opening inning BUT also as usual went to sleep until the late innings. Yesterdays difference was they forgot to wake up. I held my breath when Cain got to the 3rd inning, but he didn’t change his recent pattern. After the 3rd and then after the 4th, our not yet recovered Cain $20 Millionaire did his 2014 thing, and it was all over. Sanchez went down,and we are holding our breath that he will be ok. Not a good way to start this short road trip. We can still make it a positive one, by taking 3 of the next 4.

Sunday even after my early sidewalk psychological days, I might get to understand to the early stars in their 20’s, the year following their reward for last years performance.
After today’s matinee we are off to Phoenix for the weekend. Day off tomorrow.
Bert and Le Anne

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