Tough game, tough trip vs White Sox Game 35

Who wouldn't love going to a game with these White Sox fans?

Who wouldn’t love going to a game with these White Sox fans? Dan Ohnsman, Bert, Ken Schmidt and Bob Colby

Another day that was- but still one we could do without. We had a better than .500 road record, but the losing streak is trying hard to catch up. To keep ahead we have to reverse engines, and return from Phoenix with some smiles. We would have been better off if the thunderstorm hadn’t stopped and the tarps didn’t come off the field, for only a 20 minute start delay. We can’t even blame it on the DH necessary because of the AL home team. Their star pitcher Sale, maintained his 9.5 K’s per 9 innings with 7K’s( 6 of which were swinging) in 6 innings. Our usual late inning surge, made the game exciting, taking us from 7-2 to within 1 with the tieing run on base and none out. But is was not to be. We must reverse this weekend; of course we will!

And now the ladies view- Well I don’t know where to begin. We planned on getting to the stadium early and taking a tour of the front offices, if only the weather would cooperate. It was raining cats and dogs and we opted to wait until it was just plain rain and a hope that the game would go on. We got a break in the downpour, and went as fast as Bert’s legs would carry him until we reached the redline train. The train had lots of Giants fans and we all has high hopes that Huddie would be the hero and bring the boys from the bay back to their winning ways.

We met a couple of White Sox fans outside the club level and we talked about our trip. Our seats were in section 340 row 2 club level and so we knew we could escape if we had a rain delay. The white sox club area was in the upper tier of clubs with couches, TV’s and nice restrooms. Because we arrived just before game time we didn’t have time for exploring. Service at the club level was good except for no usher and we are spoiled at home by Helen ,our usher at AT&T park. She has our seats dry if it is wet, she finds us seats in the shade if it is hot, and makes sure we feel like family. Our seats were wet but the White Sox fans being veterans of US Cellular handed us enough paper towels to get the seat dry and we still had our St Louis towel to get them really dry.

Bert review menu for club section

Bert review menu for club section

The waffle and fried chicken sandwich messy but tasty

The waffle and fried chicken sandwich- messy but tasty

It was lunch time and Bert had his usual hot dog and I opted for the waffle chicken sandwich dripping with syrup. This was a surprisingly tasty combo, but messy enough that I would advise eating it when you had time to sit at a table. The game gave me hope that the Giants will return to the wins and almost managed a great come from behind victory. I had to check out the lady’s room and as usual when I make that trip the Giants do great things. This time Perez got a (78)

While in the lady’s room I met a lady from Truckee named Melissa who was visiting her daughter in Naperville. She recognized me from Kruk and Kuip broadcasts. I returned to two men on base and the start of the Giants near victory. I got a text from my daughter telling me she was sick and she had a temp. Student health was closed so I googled an urgent care clinic and she said she would head that way. I put my phone in the cup holder so I could get updates from her about her health. After the game I wanted to get back to the hotel before the next storm and I rushed us out of the seats. We went down the elevator and ended up in the white sox offices.

Bert in White Sox offices

Bert in White Sox offices

2005 White Sox World Series trophy

2005 White Sox World Series trophy

Bert clowning around outside US Cellular Field

Bert clowning around outside US Cellular Field

I decided to snap a shot of Bert by the desk and then by the 2005 World Series trophy and reached in to my purse. I ended up grabbing Bert’s phone and taking shots with it. I then went to snap a shot of Bert in front of the stadium and reached for my phone and realized I must have left it in the cup holder. I left Bert sitting outside the stadium while I dashed back inside and was escorted back to our seats by a nice guy from the front office who assured me I shouldn’t be concerned. We got to seats and no phone. At this point I dashed back to Bert frenzied about my daughter not being able to reach me. I sent a text from Bert’s phone to mine and requested that whoever found my phone please call Bert. One minute later a call from Melissa from Truckee who had seen that I left it and she had started to text my contacts. I was at gate 4 and she was at gate 5, so we met up and I was able to find my daughter had a virus but nothing to worry about. I gave hugs to Melissa and her family, and we beat the storm back to the redline.
Melissa who found my phone and her daughter and husband pose with Bert.

Melissa who found my phone and her daughter and husband pose with Bert.

We met more Giants fans on train,shared our 81 for 93 trip info, then dodged sprinkles getting back to hotel to get the luggage. I met one gentleman who worked at the Intercontinental and he recommended it for our next visit to Chicago. We learned we had a gate change and went from terminal B to terminal C. We had 15 texts regarding gate or delays while waiting for flight and ended up dashing back to terminal B only to find we had no crew. We met two interesting guys while waiting and got a chance to learn about a new site called and hope to meet up again on our journey. I am writing this on the plane and hope to make it to the hotel by 2 am. The lightning and chop have made for an interesting flight especially because I am looking at wings and watching them light up with lightning creating a charged light around the wings. We finally landed and made it to the Hyatt. This number game 34 and 35 of 81 trip is not for wimps.
Bert and Le Anne


  1. Steve Ohnsman

    Bert and Lianne are a delightful couple who we met at U S Cellular. In the photo posted in the blog, you see Dan Ohnsman (my son), Bert, Ken Schmidt and Bob Colby. I am “only” 67 so Bert has inspired me to wait 26 years before I follow the White Sox all around the country in 2040!!

    • 81for93

      I added the names to the photo, so the world would know who these fun White Sox fans are. I am only 56 so I assure you, you don’t have to wait for your White Sox 81 trip. Bert has also inspired me to realize life doesn’t have to end at 65 or 70. I don’t need to plan for a rocker on the front porch. I can continue to live my dreams with passion.

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