Didn’t get the win yet- game 36 Chase field

Sat June 21 2014
The greats of baseball The greats of baseball

The Away game stat advantage is fading. What was once a huge and unusual greater than 500 average on the road is dropping quickly, and is now down to 20-15. Although Le Anne and I are beginning to understand and feel the results of this horrible scheduling, we can also appreciate the wear and tear on the team. There must be more to the problem. Yesterday, after a day off they still looked half asleep. There is still the tendency we miss Pagan; that Morse makes up for it with his bat; etc. Yes there were only 5 outfield fly outs, but a couple of the extra baggers should not have happened, not even the 8-6-2 out at the plate in the 5th.

We fully expected the lowly Dbacks to break the Giants losing streak, and were doubly disappointed when we couldn’t pull it off. Maybe it was the 105 degrees outside, but the roof was closes, air conditioning on, and weather no excuse. Yes, they were sleeping. We hope they slept well last night and will still take the series.

We had wings before the game so decided to follow with Coldstone creamery at the stadium. It was 105 outside temp and 78 in the stadium, so we had a large root beer. This stadium is one of the cheapest food wise and does offer a good selection from $1.50 hot dogs to nice sit down restaurant.

Club menu

Club menu

The club is comfy and has areas to lounge, and areas to eat

photo 1 (37)

We had a gentleman approach us last night asking if we were the couple who were going to all 81 games. He was a Phoenix based Giants fan who caught us on his MLB package. He wanted photos and he and his family moved down by us for the balance of the game for pictures and conversation about the trip, the stadiums, and baseball. We are surprised at the number of fans recognizing us from TV.

Giants fans from Arizona tell Bert he is a celebrity

Giants fan Erick Nova and sons from Arizona tell Bert he is a celebrity

The game began with fireworks from the Giants with us grabbing the lead, but Timmy started giving it up in the 4th. The Dbacks fireworks continued thru the 4th, 5th and 6th inning as their bats lit up the Dbacks fans. They finished with a post game fireworks show. Bert and I are doing all we can to support the team. I know they have not gone to sleep and Hunter is doing his best to rally the troops pre game. I even got a text from my mom from Seattle that she was sharing our texts with game updates at Anchovies and Olives restaurant in Seattl eand that Jordan the waiter was going to tell his mom( a diehard Giants fan) and her boyfriend about the 81for93 trip. The Giants are getting supporters from across the country. Fans are telling us they will follow our 81for 93 adventure on the blog, and support the Giants expect when their team meets ours. It is now up to the Giants to prove they can dig deep, despite the weather, the travel, and the brutal schedule and prove they deserve to be the champs they are.

Roof was opened for the fireworks display

Roof was opened for the fireworks display


  1. Larry Luttrell

    I told u I love that stadium plus others as well that is why I am asking the both of u about going to some baseball tours on the East Coast next year.

    Also I got a call from a lady on seeing some of the Giants Spring Training games I supposed to call her back September 15 to let her know. So we might see u both there. Have fun..
    Your Friend

  2. Erick Nova

    Hi Bert & Le Anne, I enjoyed sitting with you. Unfortunately our boys were not able to pull out the win but it was still fun.

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