A win on the road and a chance to win the series game37

Bert and Miss Haskell at Chase field

Bert and Miss Haskell at Chase field

Sun June 22,2014
Bert is busy taking a nap so I will begin. We had lunch with my sister-in-law and niece at the Canyon Club restaurant. The guacamole is made at the table and is delicious. I also liked the strawberry lemonade. We caught up a bit on family talk. Bert is a bit overwhelmed by my big family since he is an only child, who has an only, who has an only. Bert doesn’t mind being surrounded by woman, so he enjoyed the lunch too.
Ramona and Aretha, my sister-in-law and niece.

Ramona and Aretha, my sister in law and niece.

We came back for a siesta, the took a cab to the stadium, since 104 is a bit to warm for someone living in San Francisco. It was Native American recognition day at the stadium. Bert met Miss Haskell in the club. I think this is an Apache Nation, but I am not sure. The tribes had representative drummers and dancers. We got to see a wide variety of costumes and dance styles.
Dancers from many tribes danced to the drummer. I enjoyed this almost as much as the win.

Dancers from many tribes danced to the drummer. I enjoyed this almost as much as the win.

We had a reservation at the Arizona baseball club. The Dbacks 1st round draft pick was having dinner in the club. He was outfitted in a Dbacks jersey over a button down shirt and bow tie. We had a good window table. It is the perfect place for a casual fan to have dinner with friends, chat, and catch the game. If you serious about scoring the game this is probably not the best choice because you can’t see the scoreboard. They have a carvery station, salad bar,

The carvery station at the Arizona Baseball Club

The carvery station at the Arizona Baseball Club

and my favorite the dessert bar.

John McCain was in attendance at last nights game, and Bert says” He once again was cheering for the losing side”. My take is I respect him for his service.

It is much more fun winning, so last night was much more fun. And now Bert’s take on the WIN!

Nothing lasts forever- not even a losing streak. Yesterdays 6-4 win brought our 81 away record to 21-15, a fine 6 over .500 so far. If that keeps up and the at home results only come to 50-50, usually expected for travel games, Le Anne and I will have to revise our plans to go to Dublin, early in October. Everyone should have such problems.

But the Giants really looked better, despite the excessive LOB(10) and they even scored runs in the 4th and 5th innings. So, after the expected win today we pick up our luggage at the Hyatt, head for the airport, and maybe some much-needed rest, after getting home after midnight. Then we will see Stef off Sat to her final 6 weeks as an undergrad( in Lille, France) and then on to San Diego for the July 4th weekend series. GO Giants
Bert and Le Anne

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