Game 37 vs Dbacks and brilliant pitching by Mad Bum

Usher who delivered media notes.

Usher who delivered media notes.

Sunday June 22 ,2014
Life is full of surprises they day. Although I don’t know who “they” are. I was a pleasant day. A second win to take the Dback series, a covered air-conditioned stadium to the heat;several more recognitions of the ego building “aren’t you the 81 couple?”; even receiving the media data supplied each day by the home team to the press. No pressure, a 1-0 1st inning lead, provided excitement during the game while Madison was giving his finest example of what the best can do. He only allowed 3 hits, 7K’s, and he was permitted to go 112 pitches into the 9th.
Admittedly, we were surprises when Bochy let him bat in the 7th after pitching 96. What was he thinking? Could it have been because the only home team hit was an early squibbler to the mound, that Bumgarner threw low to Arias playing 1st base, and it could have been called an error. What if Bumgarner went the route to complete the game? Would the official score keeper change his call on further review to make this game a priceless one to remember?
Anyway, as soon as the Dbacks got their 2nd hit in the 9th Romo came in and followed his usual routine. Another hit and a walk which allowed a run before the final K to close the game at 4-1 and send everyone home.

We learned from the media data that the Giants ever played was 2 hours 17 minutes. This one was only 20 minutes longer. But, life is full of surprises, the real one today was getting to the airport at about 5pm and finding our flight delayed for 3 hours. As of this writing we will not be home before 2am Monday, our surprise for today.

We had breakfast at Steve’s again across from the Hyatt. I opted for the Mexican bagelwich which came with a fruit cup. We chatted with the two tables next to us. They were both Giants fans. Bert loves being recognized so we got the day off to a good start. We cabbed to the game again because of the heat. I am still used to it from my time in Texas, but Bert melts in these “extreme” temps.

Bert,Eve, and Gustavo (absent son Lucas) who talked Giants baseball with us at breakfast and postgame

Bert,Eve, and Gustavo (absent son Lucas) who talked Giants baseball with us at breakfast and postgame

Our seats were on the top-level behind the plate. The view was a good over all view and we clearly could see the plate and the score board. The usher delivered the media notes and it is always interesting to read the stats, such as the Dbacks have a losing record on Sunday at home. It must be an interesting job preparing this info. I attempted to get the Giants a run by leaving just before Pence came to bat. I could hear that he did get on base, but sadly Posey struck out, and Hunter was caught stealing. I did get a bowl of beans, spanish rice, and chicken topped with guacamole. Bert was in the mood for a sub to had an Italian sub and root beer.

The game was great. Mad Bum was spectacular and the boys from the bay gave him the support he deserved given his near no-hitter. We headed to the airport and learned once again the flight would be delayed. I am getting tired of that but love seeing my team play like champs.

I can’t wait to hit the pillow in my bed. I can’t add photos until tomorrow, but we will have pics up after we wake up.
Bert and Le Anne

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