The Steinbergs make the paper

Carlos the photographer from the Chronicle

Carlos the photographer from the Chronicle

Saturday, June 28, 2014 — Blog #38+++

No, we are not en route to a Giants Away game. And no, we were not supposed to be blogging today. So why are we doing it?

The answer is not as simple as it might be. As is (or will be) apparent, our egos have us believing you just might be interested in what has set us flying high the last 24 hours or so. We may have previously mentioned that a few weeks ago the SF Chronicle spent 2 or 3 hours interviewing Le Anne and me in the condo, taking videos, and accompanying us to the AT&T Park from the ball game that day. We had heard nothing since. The other day a photographer called and met us at our seats before the game. We didn’t think too much about it even though he hung around for most of the day.

So while breakfasting Friday morning with my folded Chronicle at my plate (Le Anne and I have a deal not to talk politics at breakfast–it has made the last wonderful year possible) I hardly noticed the lead article on the front page of the second section, Bay Area. You guessed it. It was our interview — but it took the entire front page and carried over to take up (with 6 pictures) all of the last page of the section as well. I’ll keep this short by just telling you I didn’t finish my breakfast, ran out to buy as many copies of the paper as I could find (I wound up with 9), called David of course, and started to deal with what became a tumultuous day of telephoning, texting, and whatever.

To cap it off, and trying to get some rest after lunch, we were again interrupted with the phone. This time it was Larry Baer, the CEO of the Giants, on the wire to invite us to join him in his owner’s box next Tuesday night when we will be taking on the Cards. You may be sure you will be getting another blog Wednesday before we start to drive to San Diego for the 3 game series there over the July 4 weekend and back home with 2 Away games in Oakland.

Le Anne’s take
Go to I sure would appreciate if you would comment on the Chronicle website at the bottom of the article so Sam, the author knows you appreciate the story. Yesterday began like any other day Bert began reading the Chronicle and usually begins with the sports section. He had the paper folded as he flipped thru to find the sport section and he was at the Bay area section and said “Hey that looks like you”. I looked and it was me and Bert and a 2 page story on the ultimate 81 for 93 road trip. Our day was not the same-all day. I had planned to study, but the phone rang and emails came in so I never had the chance to do anything besides answer the phone, and watch Bert fly; he was so high from seeing the article. Bert had an appointment with his trainer at the gym, and bought every paper in the local convenience store on his way home. Going to dinner he took every quarter in the house to buy any papers in the paper boxes, so he could share his joy with friends and family. It was an exciting day. I was shocked when I picked up the phone and it was the Giants front office, asking us to join Larry Baer in his box. It is fun for plain ordinary people to live their dreams, and to have the opportunity to share it with others, and I feel blessed to be living the dream. I have never had so much fun. If I had one wish it would be for each of you to be able to live your dream.

Until Wed
Bert and Le Anne

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  1. eronat3

    So glad this adventure has generated such publicity and interest from others. Yours is truly a great story and I’m thrilled to see you both having so much fun. Now if the Guants would just remember how to okay great baseball everything would be perfect. Enjoy your time with Larry Baer et al and be sure to blog and let us all know how that goes. Much live to you both.

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