Game 40 Great game for a Giants fans

Bert, Martie, David, and Le Anne outside stadium

Bert, Martie, David, and Le Anne outside stadium

Yesterday was an unusual day. In fact we played a double-header in one game. We saw two separate games in 10 innings. One was a 6 inning match in which both starters, Hudson and Desaigne ( the Cuban rookie who shut the Giants down in SF last week in his 1st major league game) Tim held the Padres scoreless until their 2nd and 3rd hits in the 6th. The Padres then tied the game. It was an exciting pitching battle for 6. Tim was over 100 pitches, the rookie 89, when the 6th inning required relief support.

We called on Machi. They brought in Torres and Quackenbush. The next game- also exciting every pitch of the way, went from a 1-1 draw, to a 2-1 Giants lead, then 3-2 Padres lead, and tied again by our boys in the 9th, until we took it all with a 5-3 win in the 10th. The Padres needed 5 relievers, and we used 4, with Romo getting the win, Casilla the save, and Thayer took the loss.

Most memorable of all was Pence’s lead off double in the 10th, preceding Belt’s 1st homer after his return, which I believe, was also his 1st hit since returning to the line up. Today we take the series, and drive home to our next “away games” in Oakland. We will still travel, this time using Bart.

Well now the ladies take on the game. We may be able to fulfill our promise to Larry Baer and continue to be a good luck charm on the road. I am still recovering from the whirlwind game of yesterday.

San Diego is currently the Giants home away from home, and we pack Petco. It appeared we had as many Giants fans as Padres fans, but that could have been because we were sitting behind the Giants dugout. As we left for the Giants game we ran into fans we met before. I think we met Joyce and Gary in Phoenix.

Joyce and Gary fellow Giants diehards.

Joyce and Gary fellow Giants diehards.


We also ran into a couple we had met in Pittsburgh. I have concluded that the Giants have a much stronger fan base than I knew about. I was in the business of selling MLB apparel prior to meeting Bert, and from that would have expected an average following. I was wrong. We ran into Giants fans at the stadium and in the stadium. We got remarks such as “I know who you are” “Aren’t you the ones from TV?” and “You are my hero”. For a simple fan this recognition is foreign. At least 12 people recognized us from Kruk and Kuip’s broadcast. I do realize how lucky I am, this has been the best year of my life. It would not be the same without Bert who has seen about everything baseball related, and can tell a great story.

Kari, Bert, and Dan

Kari, Bert, and Dan

We were in section 112 row 15 and seats were good. I was sitting next to a Padres season ticket holder. The only downside were people were up and down the aisle constantly.
view from seats section 112 row 15 seat 3,4

view from seats section 112 row 15 seat 3,4

Here was a good summary of food in the park. I opted for the tri tip sanswich. I thought the barbeque sauce was good but the meat was not the tender juicy barbecue I am used to. For someone who has lived in Texas I would say avoid.
tri-tip barbeque sandwich

tri-tip barbeque sandwich

In summary the game was a rollercoaster, the stadium was a good place to watch a game because the Padres fans didn’t seem to mind a Giant invasion, food choices were plentiful, and most importantly we had a win. We have another game to watch, and a long drive home, followed by a game in Oakland tomorrow. If we can get the series today, it will be a breeze.

More Kruk and Kuip followers of the Steinbergs

More Kruk and Kuip followers of the Steinbergs


  1. James

    It was an honor to meet the both of you on Saturday. Very fun game to experience with great fans all around! I was the one sitting a row down from you. Cheers to you both!

    • 81for93

      We liked the photo and would appreciate if you could email it to us at It sure made the game fun sitting with a bunch of diehard baseball fans. I like watching a game at Petco Park because the Padres fans are accepting of the Orange invasion, and as Patrick, the Padres fan, said “We just want a good game”. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we hope to see you again.

  2. eronat3

    Glad to see your good energy starting to rub off on the Giants! Hope your drive home goes well and that the winning streak carries over to Oakland. Kim says the KPIX segment was great but I haven’t seen it yet. She’s got it taped for you and I’ll copy and send it if you haven’t taped it yourselves. See you soon.

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