Couldn’t Sweep In Philly Road game 50

Imagine the stories this bunch could tell

Imagine the stories this bunch could tell

Friday July 25th Road game 50
Ok. So 3 out of 4 after 2 out of 3 add up to a road trip of 3 games over .500. Keep that up and no plans need to be made for Oct. We will be busy with the playoffs and the World Series. In fact, Le Anne and I have already canceled a scheduled trip to Dublin for the 1st week of Fall. Taking a 3 game series lead comes next, with only 9 more games to play against the Dodgers. We are full of expectation and hope.

Game 50 (last Thurs) of the 81 away still left us at a 29-20(1 suspended) record for travel games this season, an enviable account. The last 2 Philly games were bot beautifully pitched by all 4 starters. A 3-1 Giant win matched the final game 2-1 loss for outstanding pitching performances. Eleven Giants K’s were the difference over the 5 Philly strikeouts. Only 3 hits and 1 walk were the total that both teams could muster in the last 4 innings. The relievers matched the starters in their outstanding performance. So, in SF, as our current travel stop the Dodgers, and then back east to NY for the Mets, the to Milwaukee, and KC.

Bert saw the babe when he was 7 in the bleachers of Yankees stadium

Bert saw the babe when he was 7 in the bleachers of Yankees stadium

Liberty Bell of Lego at Philadelphia airport

Liberty Bell of Lego at Philadelphia airport

Now for the ladies view. I missed Dylan and Amey at the game as much as I missed a Giants win to sweep the series. This road trip was a successful one, and I am already looking at gaining on the Dodgers. We got a text during the game from our” Daughter Outlaw”( don’t worry she chose the title) telling us Kruk and Kuip had us on TV in the 4th. They caught us eating lunch, and suggested we rate the food on our blog . Bert had the hot dog and chips and I had 1/2 a cheese steak and Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries with cheese sauce at the time. Kruk and Kuip mentioned Hunter Pence’s favorite- kale.

Philly cheese steak

Philly cheese steak

Philly dog and chips

Philly dog and chips

In case they are still wondering we may eat kale at home, but not at the ball park. I was wrapped up in the game and trying to get back to my score book, so hurriedly eating the fries.

Chickie's and Pete's crab fries with white cheddar sauce

Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries with white cheddar sauce

The game was a bit of a disappointment with Hudson being let down by sloppy play from his team mates. We hoped that we would steal another from Phillies reliever Papelbon, but it wasn’t meant to be. After the game we headed back to the hotel in rush hour traffic, grabbed our suitcases and headed to the airport in the hopes of making an earlier flight. Even though Bert has status with American, and they have absorbed US air, the US air personnel were not helpful so we waited 5 hours in the lounge and ended up arriving home a little past 2 am. I started working on hotels for New York this morning and have the 1st 3 days taken care of.
Until Tuesday when we head to NY,
Bert and Le Anne


  1. Becky Allen

    I have been enjoying seeing you on tv this season and am envious of all of your trips to see all 81 road games. Kruk or Kuip mentioned your blog just the other day. Now I am excited each time I receive one of your emails. Thanks so much. BeatLA!

    • 81for93

      Thanks for the comment. Bert is a bit behind getting his part of the blog written because we got in so late.I hope we beat the Dodgers in this series, and stay healthy.

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