Happenings between Philly and NY

David, Bert, and Scott at the Giants 3rd street store

David, Bert, and Scott at the Giants 3rd street store

We usually do not blog, except when we are on the 81 for 93 gig, but this NYC stopover is really part of it. How could we be in the “city it is great to visit, but not live in”, as non-New Yorkers say, and not allow some extra time to visit the few remaining friends and family who are still there? We shortened our home stay, and gave ourselves 2 extra days to see Brynnie, Irv and Mimi, and our dear friends Jack and Gus? No baseball until Friday night, when we will move from the heart of Manhattan to nearby Citi Field and take on the Mets for 4 days, before the next stops, Milwaukee and Kansas City. We will have 60 of the 81 games away. Unfortunately, our positive influence on the Giants fell away as we left, and 1 run in 2 games vs the Pirates is completely unsatisfactory.

Le Anne strolling the Big Apple and Bert snapped the photo

Le Anne strolling the Big Apple and Bert snapped the photo

But some good news today in spite of all that. I have been undergoing acupuncture to see if it can improve my walking. This morning, after recovering from the late arrival, and having a late breakfast, Le Anne and I decided to walk the Times square area. To my surprise, I did much better than previously, and actually walked about 10 blocks, without my right hip complaining. It is very encouraging, and I will continue the treatments. Hopefully my hip will get back to 100%. While in the Big Apple we will see Bryn today, Irv and Mimi in NJ tomorrow, and Jack and Gus for a barbecue on Long Island tomorrow before going to the Mets game together. More after all that.

Just as we were catching a cab in Philly we met Scott Wickersham who is the manager of the Giants store. He was gracious enough to invite us to meet him at the store for a look at the latest in Giants apparel. We usually just stop at the store at the second street entrance, but the 3rd street store is a must if you want the trendy Giants fashion. Bert managed to find a new polo shirt, and I found a pink ladies tee I hadn’t seen elsewhere and a hoody which I will get lots of use out of. You will probably see the new apparel soon. We need to find something new so the Giants get out of the current funk. I also had the pleasure of meeting Scott’s wife who was there before attending the game vs the Dodgers.

We also got a picture from Mandy who we meet outside the game near the Paragon. Her mom is a Giants fan and has followed our adventure on TV.

Le Anne, Mandy, and Bert in San Francisco

Le Anne, Mandy, and Bert in San Francisco

We got an email from our friend Bruce telling us his friend Lenette has a cousin in NY so we are meeting up with Jason at Citi Field on Sat and Monday. He is a graphic designer and designs fan art of the Giants for fun http://facebook.com/TheCityGraphics

We got a call from Ryan the MLB reporter for the Giants Monday requesting an interview, so Tuesday he stopped by the house and we had a great visit. He promised to give us some KC barbeque tips. He shared that he had Chicago roots, and although they are White Sox roots, we got along well. My great-grandmother used to take my grandmother and my mother to Cubbies games. We expect the Giants will have his article up in the next week, and Bert and I are both excited. It may be as soon as Friday. We had to cut things short because we had a plane to catch.

Ryan Hood MLB reporter for the Giants

Ryan Hood MLB reporter for the Giants

We arrived In NY late and headed to the Courtyard in midtown. Our room was small which is typical for NY, but it had an orange bathroom which is perfect for a Giants fan. We went around the corner for breakfast, and spied a good-looking Italian restaurant, so made a reservation there. Bert is walking much better which is great news. He is able to keep up with me when I am in heels. We were unable to work in theater this trip, but if we can sweep the Mets the trip will be off to a good start.
Bert posing at the Courtyard

Bert posing at the Courtyard


  1. Becky Allen

    While visiting my daughter last Memorial Day, we took in the Giants game at Finnerty’s. What a great place for Giants baseball when visiting NYC!

  2. eronat3

    I’m flattered to make a photo appearance on your blog! Unfortunately, my dad and I weren’t able to turn the tide by attending the game Sunday. Hope you two can bring better luck during this next road trip. Enjoy New York!

    • 81for93

      Why should you be flattered? As the son of the latest itty bitty celebrity, you are entitled to all the publicity you can get. How is that, for ego satisfaction on my part?
      Much Love,( Stop Smiling)

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