No Hitter for both sides for 6- Game 52

Bert, Jack, and Gus- Friends for a long time

Bert, Jack, and Gus- Friends for a long time

Saturdays game, a Giant 4-2 loss was quite exceptional and threatened memorabilia for the second night in a row. Outstanding pitching, this time by Peavey and Degrom, had 2 no hitters going, for 6 full innings. The only base runner was the returning Belt, who walked in the 6th. The 1st hit of the game was Pablo’s double after 2 outs in the 7th. Then the storm broke with 4 hits, a hit batsman, and a sacrifice, exploding in the Mets home half to give them a 4 run lead. The Giants 2 run rally in the 8th fell short in an exciting comeback attempt.
So the series was even, and 2 day games, Sunday and Monday, will probably be split. That is baseball on a daily basis. We go on to Milwaukee and KC, after this, where the Giants will hopefully gain ground on the Dodgers lead.

And now for the ladies view – I am contemplating this trip and the highlights, and I realize that although baseball is the great unifier, this trip is about people. We have seen some of my family as we have navigated the stadia, and will continue to see more. It is a great opportunity to catch up on family happenings. We just saw Bert’s family in NY, and the visits were wonderful.
Today was a trip to see Bert’s friend Jack and his partner Gus. We hired a car and went out to Long Island to lunch with them. We caught up on the last year of happenings. It has been a significant year for us. Bert and I had the wedding, and Jack just had major surgery. Both of these events cause you to contemplate life. After a relaxed conversation, we toured the grounds and the house, then settled down for a late lunch of steak, corn, and baked potatoes. Off we went to the stadium. We grabbed our seats and arrived just in time to all share in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Bert scored the game and I sat between them and explained the game to Jack. I did appreciate Kruk and Kuip’s comment of how it appeared that I was telling Jack Who’s on First, etc. I also have realized I have grown in my appreciation of the game. Before this season I would have considered a game in which neither team had scored a bit boring. I now found myself hoping it would be a dual no-hitter for 9.

At the 7th inning it was time to show Jack and Gus the Caesars club and so off we went, in time to miss seeing Pablo’s double( except on the TV’s) and I avoided the Mets get 2 of the 4 runs. We headed back and watched the Giants give us hope that they would come back and overtake the Mets. Jack then gave us a ride back to the motel and it was midnight before Bert and I snoozed off. I was thrilled that Kruk and Kuip recognized that going into the game we had a record on the road of 30-20. I am hopeful that this type of record will continue on the road, and I am still thinking we will take 3 of 4 from the Mets. Maybe Kruk and Kuip are right and we need to see a few more home games so we can continue to bring the Giants luck.

This morning we had breakfast with 2 Red Sox fans, and it reenforced my thought that baseball brings people together. It was the 1st thing about Bert that had me considering Bert was special. How many woman are lucky enough to hear about Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth from someone who has 1st hand knowledge?


  1. Bruce Colman

    excuse me…you left your seat while a no-hitter was going on? a DOUBLE no-hitter? WHAT?!
    (my better half is much more sympathetic, but…ye gods)

  2. eronat3

    Sounds like a great time visiting with Jack and Gus. Sorry the Giants couldn’t rally back fully but at least they were fighting hard. Like you, I was hoping for a double no-hitter.

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