The Giants woes continue Game 60 vs KC

Royals fans welcomed us

Royals fans welcomed us

What do you say about a game where nothing went right. If you are Bert you simply say that’s baseball. We had tickets in section 310 row A this time. We got to see the club level, and I would say this is one of the few areas the Royals lacked. The food was limited to hamburgers and hot dogs, we saw no place to lounge, and the memorabilia was minimal. On a positive note they had the best cup holders of any of the stadiums. They held the large size cups.

Bert did pose with the Royals greats

Bert did pose with the Royals greats

Deluxe cup holders

Deluxe cup holders

We looked over at Kruk and Kuip in the booth and watched as Mike Krukow tossed up a ball. We didn’t hear the broadcast, but I wondered what do you talk about when a game is lop-sided. I have lots of respect for someone who can fill up 3 hours with banter. The Hunter Pence signs throughout the stadium must have provided some opportunity, but other than that I am unsure how they kept things going.
Kruk and Kuip have to fill air time

Kruk and Kuip have to fill air time

I mentioned that the food was boring on the club level. The only thing I found worth mentioning were the funnel fries- tradional funnel cake in bite size strips. I had a cheeseburger and Bert had a hot dog.
I hope we can turn this around because I would like to see another World Series win for the Giants. They need hot bats and consistent pitching. Injuries have been devastating.


  1. Becky Allen

    WOW! Your blog is certainly raising my awareness of how difficult the life of professional ball players is. Best wishes to Bert today. Both of you need to take some deep breaths and rest up during this home stand.

    • 81for93

      Bert’s doctor assured us he will be good as new by the time we go to Chicago. He was so pleased to hear that you understand what the life of a ball player is like. Thanks for sharing the adventure

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