Timmy tanks Game 65 at Nationals Park

John Dinges, Bert, and Jeff Stein talk baseball

John Dinges, Bert, and Jeff Stein talk baseball

Bert is behind with the crazy chedule we have. He may update latter, but since we need to get to game I am publishing the blog now.
And now for the ladies view – We began the day with a trip to Breadfurst a great place to have coffee and a pastry in a small neighbor co-op. We met Joel Swerdlow and one of his students to discuss the book. His student had grown up as a Palestinian in Jerusalem, so had a good perspective on people. Joel explained the reality of the publishing business, and we have decided to move forward. We returned to the hotel in time to finish the blog, and then it was time to head to the ballpark. It was raining again, and we both missed the umbrella and a bunch of other items carefully placed in Bert’s closet,so we wouldn’t forget them. We walked to the Metro station and grabbed the red line to the green line and walked in the the rain sans umbrella or raincoat to the stadium. Our 1st purchase was a couple of ponchos, and our second a couple of bottles of water. It seemed ironic to be buying water when it was coming down in a steady stream.
We arrived at our seats in section 130 and saw Martha, and angel of mercy, who saw that Bert was winded and wet and would do better seated some place dry.
Bert and the Martha the usher in section 130

Bert and the Martha the usher in section 130

I learned that her son and husband both worked at the ballpark. She and Bert traded pins. It is the only non-Giants pin Bert has on his Giants cap. We were in the disabled row and were dry and Bert recovered from the walk.
We opted for the cheesesteaks, because they were close and we were hungry. They were tasty, but cold by the time I returned to the seats. The row in front of us had a bunch of Giants fans who recognized us from the MLB article. They asked if they could take a photo, and of course we were happy to oblige.
Giants fans from the row in front of us

Giants fans from the row in front of us

We got to watch the tarping and untarping of the field, and I held my breath that we wouldn’t have a repeat of Chicago.
Nats ground crew knows how to tarp the field

Nats ground crew knows how to tarp the field

Timmy was pitching, and although he spent time in Seattle we have heard he doesn’t like rain. We predicted in yesterdays blog that he would not pitch well and he didn’t. Bert gave the dreadful details, so I have nothing much to add. I don’t understand why you force a pitcher to pitch in cicumstances he doesn’t like. He is also missing his favorite catcher, Hector Sanchez, and just doesn’t seem to do well with Buster or Susac. If Bochy had Petit pitch today, based on what we saw, we would have had another W which we badly needed if we are going to beat LA.
On the ride home we met two interesting guys, Jeff and John, both journalists, and both Nats fans. They enjoyed todays game more than we did, but talking about the game on the way “home” made the time pass quickly.
We may be underdogs for the next game, but as a man who has seen more than 80 years of baseball has explained, on any given day, either team could win.
Bert and Le Anne

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