You win some, you lose some Game 67 vs Rockies

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Labor Day! More beautiful weather for 8 hours of baseball, and for most of it good baseball would also be achieved. From noon on, an interview, then we were immersed in our favorite sport- all part of the 81 away gig. To start with completion of the suspended Rockies game, gave the Giants another W. 4 runs in the opening inning of the regular game,put us at ease, as we watched for the posted results of the Dodgers game. We the lead grew to -2 in the 5th, why worry? Except there was a 6th and 7th to be played, and we looked sloppy with 2 infield errors, but again why worry when we tied it in the 9th. Romo came in to close, and had two outs, when he gave the Rockies their winning walk off run.

And now for the ladies view- Well on a positive note we won the suspended game, we got to see Aspen from MLB, we met some great Giants fans,we had good weather and we made some new friends.

Coors field on a beautiful sunny day

Coors field on a beautiful sunny day

On the negative note we lost the second game, and it is one of the times when I really questioned the coaching decisions. I saw Tim Hudson was running out of steam, so with a 5 run lead why not give the rookie a chance, if he gives up a run then bring in Gutierrez, and finish with Machi. I believe that things would not have fallen apart if they hadn’t given up the lead. Instead you wait until the game is in question to bring in the rookie, and put undo pressure on him. In addition Romo had pitched well in the 1st so keep giving him the positive experience, rather than bringing him in for high pressure, must pitch perfectly situations. At least until he gets his mojo back.
We had enthusiastic Giants fans next to us for the 2 games. Carla and Eamon were almost as die-hard as Bert and I. It made the game enjoyable. Yesterday Jim, Henry, and Allen were shooting a documentary on our story pre-game, so we just grabbed a brat for me and a Rocky dog for Bert. There wasn’t much to say about the food. It was average ball park fare. We hope to have better fare today. We are headed to a nursing home now to give a talk on the 81 for 93 adventure.
Bert and Le Anne

Having fun at the game with new friends Carla and Eamon

Having fun at the game with new friends Carla and Eamon

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  1. eronat3

    I agree that they should have taken out Hudson earlier. He has had this problem before — tiring mid-game. So sad to see the loss disrupt such an exciting spurt for the team. Hopefully they can get back on track today and carry forward.

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