Do unto others- We did it to the Rockies game 68

Paul, Bert, and Le Anne

Paul, Bert, and Le Anne

Petit didn’t have it. Before you could blink an eye(3 innings) our Giants were 6 behind. But these days you get to feel, they really want to work overtime, and go to the playoffs. They came back with another come from behind victory. Of course my man Posey, lead the charge, but Le Anne’s Pence was not far behind. So the Killers P’s – Pagan, Pence, Posey, Panik, and Pablo got going and pulled out the win, to make the visiting Giants fans happy.
Today, another day, another game, another win to close the gap.
And now for the ladies view. We had a very busy day in Denver. We were picked up at the Westin by Henry and then went out to the center for adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The group had watched “Pride of the Yankees” and then Bert was there to share his memories of Lou Gehrig. We had a baseball lunch of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and cole slaw with the group. Henry’s friend Alan filmed, while Jim interviewed Bert. We then bid good-bye to the group and headed to Henry’s development called Silver Sage for taping for an independent film. We went to the media room and talked until we ran out of time, and had to rush back to Denver so we could make the game. The stadium was relatively empty with about 25K fans. It appeared there were more Giant fans than Rockies. We stopped in again at the brewery for dinner. We had baked potatoes for dinner.

Baked potato with queso, beef, pico-, sour cream, and jalapenos

Baked potato with queso, beed, pico, sour cream, and jalapenos

. Then off we went to the Dry Diamond to get the passport stamped.
This official stamper was friendly and not camera-shy

This official stamper was friendly and not camera shy

We were lucky enough to have 2 Giants fans from Shreveport,LA. Vickie and Paul followed the Giants because Paul loved Willy Mays.
Vickie was smarty attired in her Panda hat. Next to us was a couple on a date to see their 1st baseball game together. He managed to get on TV and he also caught a ball bare handed, so it will be a date he remembers for a long time.
Paul." Panda" Vickie, Bert, and Le Anne

Paul.” Panda” Vickie, Bert, and Le Anne

It was great that we managed to do to the Rockies what they had managed to do to us the previous game. We over came their “insurmountable” lead and came away with a W. We were able to see Kruk and Kuip and again got a wave from them. We also got two texts telling us they had put us on TV. I hope we can take this one and the Nats will destroy the Dodgers. Beat LA! Go Giants!
Bert and Le Anne

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