Get it together so I can go to World Series game 69 Denver

Aspen shows us where to eat at Coors field

Aspen shows us where to eat at Coors field

Let’s make it look good. We split with the lowly Rockies, although one was just a completion of a suspended game. Homers seemed to fly continuously, and were responsible for almost every Rockies run. It seemed more like a tune up batting practice for the Rockies. Game 69 leaves only 12 more away games to complete our 81 adventure. Even my ususal”that’s baseball” reference will not suffice. Petit and all the others have a lot of waking up to do to make the remaining games count.
We began the day with a trip with Aspen the photographer from MLB to have Helton burgers. We opted for burgers this trip since the Rocky Mountain Oysters last trip that we shared were not something any of us wanted to repeat. It was great to catch up, and the Helton burgers from the stand were better than average. I think it is the thousand island dressing that made them better.
The game was painful to watch, but as always fans at Coors field were fun to share a game with.
We then headed back to the Crowne Plaza and opted to head out to dinner. We went to Maggiano’s Little Italy for Italian food. Corey the waiter was accommodating and got Bert his angel hair Bolognese and I had ravioli with meat sauce instead of fettucine. The portions were generous and they were their to make customer experiences happy and the prices were very reasonable. Corey told his manager about out 81 for 93 adventure and they comped us dessert. The manager even came to the table to tell Bert what an inspiration the trip is. I would recommend it to anyone in town for baseball.
Our waiter,the manager, and Bert discuss baseball

Our waiter,the manager, and Bert discuss baseball

I can only hope that the Giants want to win as badly as I want to see a world series. Detroit will tell me something about how badly they want it. Each game counts. Lucky for us the Nats beat the Dodgers last night so we didn’t lose ground.
I am having trouble at the hotel with the Internet so will have to add the photos in once we reach Detroit. We have to leave for the airport

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  1. eronat3

    Quite a roller coaster these days but I think the team is looking good and the spirit is high. We’re situated well for the wild card and the Dodgers are within reach. Hope you guys are holding up ok. See you soon.

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