Ready for a turnaround vs Dbacks Game 73

We were guests on Marty Lurie's radio show

We were guests on Marty Lurie’s radio show

The covered stadium helped the Dbacks diehards (21,731) enjoy a pleasant win over the visiting Giants, while the high 90’s outside kept everyone uncomfortable.
But Trumbos’ grandslam in the 3rd gave the DBacks a 4-0 lead, which was never contested. Miley was in full control of the Giants until he left after 92 pitches in the 5th inning. The lead was never threatened, and the Giants must win the next 2 to take the series. We will be there to cheer them on an we continue the 81 for 93 adventure.
And now for the ladies view- We began the trip with a stop by AT&T for a guest spot on Marty Lurie’s pre-game show. We were made official members of his fan club and met lots of great Giants fans, who rooted us on as we come down the stretch on the final road trip of the 81 for 93 adventure. To hear the broadcast click here It was loud and noisy, and of course there we techical problems with a remote, but we had fun meeting the New York lawyer behind the mike. We then hopped in the car and made it as far as Redlands before opting to call it a day. We headed out early and made it to the hotel in time to head to Chase after a quick siesta.
We went to the Arizona Baseball Club for dinner, and Bert ordered the chicken caesar salad which was enormous, and I ordered the tamales. The tamales were a piece of art on the plate, and the guacamole provided a complement to the eye and the palate.
I caught Bert grabbing a bite of his salad.

I caught Bert grabbing a bite of his salad.

And now for my comments of the game. I want a world series. After the disaster with the Dodgers, I figured Bochy would play each game like it was an elimination game. It was apparent from the start that Vogie was not at his best, yet Bochy made no changes. I don’t understand when we put my beloved Boys from the bay at such a disadvantage. I seethed the entire game, and were it not for a fellow Pence fan visiting from Texas I might have stormed close to the field to let Bochy have a piece of my mind. IMHO when you have a stinker you need a great game to erase it, and that wasn’t what this game provided. Enough said. I hope he takes this game seriously, and we end up with a W tonight.
We are currently under flash flood watch and I hope we get thunder from the Giants bats tonight
The boys watch as Vogie gives the Dbacks a 4-0 lead

The boys watch as Vogie gives the Dbacks a 4-0 lead


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