We win the series vs Dbacks game 75

Bert and the friendly usher at Chase field

Bert and the friendly usher at Chase field

After game 75- we have 6 road games left. Time to start our bragging. Everyone knows that a 50-50 record on the road is the best one should expect. As of today, the Giants have a 42-33 away record. We would like to believe that our following them for all 81 on the road is a contributing factor. Even if they lose the remaining 6, the season shows a better road record than would be expected. With a positive home record the division lead still is a good possibility.
Bumgarner had another good game, pitching 100, but he only lasted 6 innings. He left with a 2-2 tie, preventing a decision for him. It took 2 hits, mixed with 2 walks to produce the 4-2 lead for the Giants in the 9th. Casilla closed out the bottom 1/2 which could have been a 1-2-3 shot, except for Pablos error, which extended the inning 1 batter. Casilla got the win. It was a long 3 1/2 hour game, but with satisfying results. Today is a travel day, and tomorrow we take on the Padres.

And now for the ladies view- We were staying at the Clarendon Hotel, and if you want a place to swim, this was a good place to stay. The breakfast was also very good here. If you wanted a nice big room this was a bit disappointing. The internet was spotty, and they said it was due to an upgrade in progress. They did install a booster so we did get some internet, just not enough to get photos on the blog or to listen to Tune in radio.

Clarendon pool and water wall and naturally I forgot my swim suit

Clarendon pool and water wall and naturally I forgot my swim suit

We went to the stadium and met up with Loran again. She had tickets on field level and offered to share. Bert doesn’t like sitting past the baselines so after realizing there was no batting practice we headed up to our seats in 208. You have a good view of the entire field, and Posey even hit a ball into our section 1 row and 2 seats to far for me to make the grab. The usher in Loran section was a knowledgeable guy and even told us about the group of students there today, solving physics problems involving baseball.

Mad Bum as always kept us in the game. I watched as the Rockies racked up runs against the Dodgers and wished our bats would catch fire like that. With Pagan, and Morse out we needed a spark, and Brandon Belt came in for 1 rotation to get the crowd and the Giants ignited. We managed to break a 2-2 tie and get a much-needed victory. We are only 2 games behind the Dodgers in our division and I am still smelling a victory for the Boys from the Bay. We had burgers for lunch. They were big and messy, and Bert was not thrilled. He doesn’t like risking spilling on the score book.

We went to the Old Spaghetti factory for dinner, and Bert satisfied his pasta craving. By the time we got home we were too tired to write the blog.

This morning we wanted to hit the road early, so we could avoid the remenents of the Hurricane so we got a reasonable start. As we left the Clarendon we met two Giants fans who recognized us from Kruk and Kuip. We arrived at the Omni a little past 2 and had lunch and Bert is currently snoozing. He is resting up for the final 6 on the road.

Giants fans we are doing a stadium tour this season

Giants fans we are doing a stadium tour this season

Bert and Le Anne


  1. esotericfoxloves2write

    Hi Le Anne & Bert – the blog is always fun to read…what a memorable time this must be for you both… myself and two friends will be heading to SD to see the Giants play on Sunday and heading to LA to see them play on Monday. It would be an honor to meet you both while we’re at the game if you’re interested??

  2. eronat3

    Hope you beat the rain and had a good drive to San Diego. Dodgers are hot but hopefully we’ll do well against the Padres. Hope you’re holding up ill on the last leg. Give a call when you get a chance.

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