We lose by less vs Padres game 77

Gamer babes from SF who we met in NY and San Diego

Gamer babes from SF who we met in NY and San Diego

Game 98-77 away- It was another one we would like to forget! In a way I can’t wait for the next 4 games so that I may be relieved of the 81 weight I seem to be carrying on my back. Promises are promises. Expectations must be met. So with all the glamor, and excitement that the 81 story has engendered, how may I plead not to just being tired, but being tired of the travel. The day does not now pass when Le Anne and I are not stopped, admired, or congratulated on what we are doing. I am wondering what it is we are doing to engender these reactions.

Winning or losing baseball games, no longer seems the issue, in attempting to comment on the game, or what tomorrow may bring. The many reactions and friendly discussions we are having in all of our travel, have made us realize how much a sport- including baseball of course, breaks the ice among people to the point of molding and melding attitudes about all our lifestyles, different as they may be.

We have learned from others, that these interactions have been helpful. We have learned so much about others as we travel. What else could be better? So the Giants were swamped by the Padres. The friends and relationships created on this trip make that fact seem immaterial. Who would have thought?

And now for the ladies view- We met Loran for lunch at the terrace. On the way we passed a display with a baseball from the 1800’s.

Lemon peel baseball

Lemon peel baseball

We had our burgers and beer, and then came back to watch a rare Cubs come from behind finish. We gained on those Dodgers, and were full of hope as we headed to the game. I am limping thru trying to publish the blog since my laptop battery is dying. I have a new one on order, but I won’t have it until I get home. We had a great group of Giants fans around us in 113, but even with all the cheering we were unable to pull out the win. Buster had a good outing as predicted by the game notes, and Hunter had a better than expected outing. We came up one run short. Petit pitched a great game. We desperately need a win today. I am rushing out the door for a stadium tour, the blog is late, and Bert is planning a power nap. We did make it on TV.
Kruk and Kuip ran a spot on us again. Thank You!

Kruk and Kuip ran a spot on us again. Thank You!

Bert will discuss the game.
Bert and Le Anne
Three Giants hopefuls who believe together we can

Three Giants hopefuls who believe together we can


  1. eronat3

    Like this post a lot. Dad, like your thoughts about the deeper meaning of this adventure. Le anne, I like getting a sense of all you’re dealing with and experiencing day to day. Not sue where the Giants are going but this next series in LA will be dramatic, one way or the other. See you soon.

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