What happened vs the Padres- road game 78

Two great smiles

Two great smiles

We are committed to writing a daily blog. We honor our commitments, but if one is to tell the truth, and one always does so(even when one becomes 2)This a.m. is not condusive to positive thinking. What can one( or two) say when the Padres sweep a series when our guys desperatly need to wind up their mediocre season on a upswing. BTW Webster defines mediocre as average. And of the 3 games, only one of them was even mediocre. Who can we blame? Bochy? Our starters? Vogies reached 100 pitches in 5 innings? Our bullpen? We used 5, even gave Bochy Jr a workout, all to no avail.
So as the season winds down, the only question can be “Will they try and repair the broken wheel?” I am not even sure of that.
And now for the ladies view- I did the stadium tour pre-game and learned a few interesting facts about Petco. The most interesting to me were about the brick that PETA purchased.
PETA brick in middle

PETA brick in middle

Peta wanted a brick that said boycott PetCo and naturally with PetCo spending the millions of dollars for the naming rights, the Padres were reluctant to grant that request. PETA snuck by a brick that spells out the message, but using a seemingly positive message. Read the brick and take the 1st letter of each word and you have Boycott PetCo. The second interesting thing Tim shared was regardinging the earthquake buffers built in to the stadium. The railing has already shifted over an inch.
Tim our guide from LA shared facts on PetCo

Tim our guide from LA shared facts on PetCo

We got to explore all the nooks and crannies of the park including the Fox cameras.
Tucked away in a small recess in the park

Tucked away in a small recess in the park

Loran the Giants fan from Ohio went on the tour with me, since it was about 6 miles of walking according to the guide. Bert wasn’t up to 6 miles yet.
Loran drove from Ohio for this Giants trip

Loran drove from Ohio for this Giants trip

I am continuing to battle a dying computer, so will have to post the rest of the photos after it has cooled down in LA.
Our beloved Giants warming up.

Our beloved Giants warming up.

After the tour I headed back to the Omni to grab my backpack and Bert and head to the ballpark. We were on the elevator with Brian Sabean, and one of the Giants scouts. Bert and the other people on the elevator were oblivious. They discussed the Giants play and I just smiled at Mr. Sabean. He didn’t comment.
We met a nice Dodgers fan who took photos for us and had a mix of Padres and Giants fans around us. The discussion was friendly, and other than the loss the game was a good social experience. We shared our generous portion of shrimp and fries with the Padres fans next to us. Late in the game a few Padres fans had a few to many beers. After multiple warnings they were ejected.
Coming back we met the Gamer Angels and we took the elevator back up to our rooms. We ran into Tim Lincecum. I asked if he would be offended if we took a photo. He immediately took off his headphones and posed with Bert 1st and then the Gamers Angels. We all talked about the hope we still have for the season. I guess that is the difference between Bert and I. I remember the warm conversation and the fact that we all believe including Timmy. Bert remembers the Padres sweep. Well shutting off the computer and hitting the road for LA to see how much the Giants want to win.
Kruk and Kuip at work

Kruk and Kuip at work

Gamer "Angels" who are diehard supporters of the Giants

Gamer “Angels” who are diehard supporters of the Giants

Fellow Giants fans photo'd by a Dodgers fan at a Padres game

Fellow Giants fans photo’d by a Dodgers fan at a Padres game

Until Bert and Le Anne


  1. Bruce Colman

    Brian Sabean has his work cut out this off season. he’s been a great executive and I have a lot of faith in him (and am completely in his debt for the great baseball he’s brought us so far)…but…a LOT of questions need to be answered and it could get painful for a lot of us. Would be interested–though maybe it’s not in the spirit of this blog–to read all-y’all’s take on who the Giants should keep, who they should move, what the ’15 team might look like. (would be glad to share my own, overly emotional, thoughts–but off the air.)

  2. Becky Allen

    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog and following your adventure this year. It has added a lot to my love of the game.

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