Dodgers take game 2 of this series road game 80

Bert, Aaron, and Le Anne score the game at Dodgers stadium

Bert, Aaron, and Le Anne score the game at Dodgers stadium

Game 80 away, with 1 to go. It was my 101st game of the season, a 4-2 loss to the Dodgers as they evened this series. The interesting part was it was home run derby day- all 6 runs resulting from 4 baggers. The Dodgers took the lead, and never looked back, with 2 homers for 3 runs in the 1st. Bumgarner, who has been used as a pitch hitter, gave the Giants their only 2 runs, with his 1st at bat in the 3rd inning. The 1st 3 innings had the lead of runner getting on base with a hit, but Madison cashed in, with the only Giants runs for the day.
The Dodgers added the 4th run with Turners second 4 bagger in the 8th. The series is tied, and today we will close it out. The Dodgers have the league lead. The Giants should make the wild card. What will the final league result be? Who knows? I won’t predict.

Where to begin? It is game 80. My cousin Aaron is joining us to watch the game. I got to see a game with his dad in DC and now with Aaron. They both scored the game. I am reflecting on what this trip has meant to me, and I ask is it baseball? family? friends we have met along the way? time with Bert? I guess like baseball it is the entire team that is important- no player more important than the other. I love the Giants! They are a true team, and work hard for a single goal. The trip will be over in one more game. I have mixed emotions about it ending. Both Bert and I are tired,yet I know if there were 81 more games we could make it together, and yet it will be nice not to be eating another burnt Dodger Dog, and to sleep in our own bed.
It was a game of drama. First a lead off homer by Turner, then Bumgarner hitting Puig. Puig charged Mad Bum, and then the benches emptied.

Both benches empty following Mad Bum hitting Puig with a pitch

Both benches empty following Mad Bum hitting Puig with a pitch

We were surrounded by Dodgers fans last night. They were not the bad, drunk ones, and were fascinated by our 81 adventure. They came around when I told them to watch out for Mad Bum at the plate, and they scoffed. As if on cue Mad Bum homers, and the Dodgers fans are stunned. I am totally bummed by the loss, and again I find myself second guessing Bochys choice of starters in a do or die game against the Dodgers. Huddie has not done well in his last starts, and the Dodgers have the mighty Kershaw pitching. I guess and Bert and Marty Lurie both say “That’s baseball”
I have another cousin who is a Dodgers fan, and he has been trash talking ever since the Giants lost the lead. I told Zach that I don’t believe the Dodgers will go far, because they are impulsive, hot-headed players who forget about team. Maybe by being steady and predictable Bochy brings something to the team that in the long run serves them well. Play our game, and play as a team. We won’t change our game just because it might serve us now. We play together as a team, and build something that doesn’t just serve us for one game. Go Giants! Pull together, and pull out a win as the great team you are.
As usual we get either the widest or the tallest person sitting right in front of us

As usual we get either the widest or the tallest person sitting right in front of us

Bert and Le Anne


  1. Leilani Schumacher

    Hello! Your road game travels have given me the idea for next year’s vacation. I cannot do the entire season as I work full time. However I am planning to attend games in Colorado, St Louis ( I admire Yadi 😉 ) Wrigley Field, AZ spring training for a few days, and Seattle.
    Go Giants!!!!

  2. eronat3

    Good to read your thoughts about the whole 81-game experience as your adventure draws to a close. I agree with what you say, Le Anne, about the Giants as a team. I think they really are special, aside from being my hometown team, especially around having a collective spirit instead of inflated egos, and also around the idea of having fun together while playing the game. Bochy is all about confidence being the most important thing for players and as a result he does things to inspire confidence over the long run even if it means losing a game or two along the way — like leaving pitchers in longer than some would do, and also like always praising the players when talking to the press. There are times when this doesn’t produce wins, but I support the concept in the larger picture.

    As I write this the last regular season road game is over. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Janice

    Thank you for the wonderful blogs. Rockey & I were wondering if you folks are going to be at the game in Pittsburg, October 1 ?

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