About Bert and Le Anne

The Steinbergs make it to the big screen at AT&T park.

The Steinbergs make it to the big screen at AT&T park.

Bert is 93 and has been following baseball since he was 7 years old. He met Le Anne on a Christmas cruise and impressed her with his stories of travel and watching Lou Gehrig. The rest is history. They married a year later and decided it would be a good thing for Bert to live his dream of living the life of a ball player and Le Anne’s of a sports holiday. Rather than undertake the usual 30 stadium quest they opted to go to all 81 of the Giants road games, and so the 81 for 93 adventure began.


  1. John McCarthy

    Bert: I write a monthly newsletter for the San Francisco Old timers Baseball Association. Give me your email address as I’d like to do a story on you. I can be reached at golfwjohn@aol.com. Thanks. Hope to talk to you soon.

    • 81for93

      I emailed you the information and Bert would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the greats he has seen. His favorite is Lou Gehrig.
      Le Anne

  2. Janice

    Greetings! Rockey & I are watching the D-back game tonight on TV. Wondering if you folks are in Arizona ballpark. Haven’t seen much posted from you kids. Hugs, The Downes

  3. Le Anne

    Dear Downe friends
    Bert and I are watching from our living room. We are close enough to see AT&T park. We are both recovering from a nasty bug we got while on the Norwegian Jade where we cruised the Mediterranean. Stop in when you are in the neighborhood and see the great jersey our beloved Giants gave us.

  4. Janice Downes

    Sorry you kids are under the weather. Positive thoughts and prayers of healing to you both. We would love to see the Giants jerseys. We may be in the city for a game this summer. For sure in September. We need to keep in touch. Hugs to you folks.

  5. Janice Downes

    Hi LeAnne….you and Bert were on TV today during the Angels/Giants game. Of course, you two where busy with the scorebook..lol. Think of you folks often. Hope you’re both in good health….The boys are looking great against the Angels today…:-)

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